New Mascot for BFUHS !?

March 31, 2017

The school board has voted unanimously, in response to petitions and protests from PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, as well as certain Boston area universities, to adopt a new mascot for Bellows Falls Union High School. Citing that since the unicorn was not scientifically confirmed to actually exist to date, and in consideration of the PETA people’s concerns about ending the insult and invasion of privacy to Terriers everywhere, the school board selected the “Purple Unicorn” as the new mascot for the school.

Bellows Fall’s new mascot suit.

Athletic Director Ian Fraunfelder, who testified at the hearing, said, “Hey, I’m a traditionalist and while I hate┬áto see the Terrier go – I mean it’s had a great run obviously – I am, frankly, sort of excited about the new mascot. I actually have a stuffed unicorn collection, so, this really works for me personally. And I definitely think the community will come to embrace this magical mascot! I mean you have to admit – they’re totally adorable.”

Senior Football Captain DJ Snide also weighed in, “I don’t like this. No way. The only thing I wonder is if the team can stick horns on their helmets next year. I could actually see that helping out in games. But otherwise, I don’t like it.” The adoption of this new mascot follows trends by other schools in the region as well. For example, Brattleboro will drop its controversial “Colonels” mascot – a symbol of warring and violence – and instead adopt the “Bunnies”. While change always comes with growing pains, it is probably a certainty that children everywhere in the Rockingham region will eventually grow to love their Unicorns! Go BF – Stick Em!!


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