Vermont State Envirothon Champs Win the New Hampshire Soil Competition


Lia Clark, Editor

On Thursday, October 5th, the BFUHS traveled to Madbury, New Hampshire to participate in the Annual New Hampshire High School Soils Competition. The competition was held at Kingman Farm, and many local schools from the Twin States participated. Five students attended the event, forming one team consisting of Ethan Lauricella, Lia Clark, Olivia Lauricella, and Kalvin Wyman, while Skylar Swan competed as a solo. Each participant competed individually for a top placing score overall, and the combined score of the four team members will determine their placement in the competition. All students were tested on their ability to judge the quality of the soil in four provided pits, and then use this information to determine the best use. The results recently came in and the team took first place overall! Also, BF dominated the top four with Skylar Swan and Ethan Lauricella tieing for first place, Lia Clark following them in third, and Olivia Lauricella taking fourth! Congratulations to those students and the rest of the team!

At the start of the school year, Coach Susan Steiner and Co-Captains, Ethan and Lia, trained their team members hard two days of the school week. Last year two teams were able to attend the competition, placing first and fourth; it was nice to have the help of experienced members Skylar and Olivia this year. After a few weeks of training, the team met at 6:00 am to travel over two hours to the competition eagerly awaiting the results to come in a few days! Luckily, they scored another win! Additionally, the competition was good practice for the soil portion of the State Envirothon Competition the team is hoping to clean sweep for the second year in a row! Member Olivia Lauricella remarked at the end of the day, “Hopefully the competition reflects on how much we have studied and it was a good practice for future competition.”

Good luck to the team going forward in their environmental endeavors; congratulations on adding another victory to the long list of wins at BFUHS!

The team getting ready to leave at 6:00 am!