Praise for BFUHS Band


Bradie Harris, Staff Writer

This year, the music program at B.F.U.H.S is overflowing with talent, persistence, and a tightly packed schedule under the guidance of Mr. Pelton, director of the band. Upcoming this year, the band is looking forward to many crowd calling events, including the Fireman’s Parade through Bellows Falls, the annual Winter Concert on December 14th at 7:00 P.M, and the start of Jazz Ensemble on October 16th. Diving further into the plans of the Instrumental Music schedule, Mr. Pelton revealed some exciting news.

When asked if anything was new this year, Mr. Pelton said, “Nothing really, except for the collaboration the band will be doing with the Dance Factory in Springfield.” This is news to most of the band, but a few who were aware of the collaboration showed enthusiasm, as this has never been done before. Mr. Pelton continued to express his excitement about this year in band regarding the strong numbers throughout the sections, “I’m most excited to see the transformation from where the band started to where we get, and individually too. Especially folks who start out timid and then learning to play with strength and conviction. I’m really excited for that.”

Mr. Pelton concluded his praise and excitement for this year in instrumental music saying, “I am very proud to teach at B.F.U.H.S, and we do a great job balancing the three areas that make a great school: academics, athletics, and the arts. We all do a great job keeping up with whats going on.”