Tay Tay’s Cray Cray?


Olivia Lauricella, Staff Writer

One of the most famous celebrities of this century, and the one that has everyone talking, is Taylor Swift with her shocking new album coming out November 10. I had the honor of talking to one of the students at BFUHS who I overheard talking about his thoughts on Taylor’s new song: “Look What You Made Me Do”. I of course had to interview him! Andy Goulas, Sophomore, likes the song “Look What You Made Me Do,” claiming it’s “funny” because it’s an “adult acting like a child.”

Tay Swizzle began her career in her early teens as a country singing sensation, but recently transformed into a pop star. She is now classified in a certain of genre of music that sounds like trap music, if I’m correct – Taylor Swift hasn’t answered any of my interview questions that I asked her. Anyways, this trap music is a bit alarming because it does not seem to fit her personality, but I guess she has a new reputation. Andy believes she should have stuck to singing country.

Andy first heard her new song on the radio and ultimately first listened to Taylor Swift in around 2013 during the time of her album Red. Andy says he is “not ready for it” referring to Tay’s new era which I understand, as it is very different and could be different in a good or bad way. I asked Andy what his favorite Taylor Swift song was and he said he likes “the song with the guitar.” This response actually hurt me because most people know Taylor swift has many songs that have guitars, but I assume Andy means the song Teardrops On My Guitar. Although Andy did not know the name of his favorite Taylor Swift song, I chose him in spite of this. I did not chose a swiftie to interview because I knew they would be biased and say they would love anything Taylor Swift sung, so I should’ve expected some of Andy’s responses.

In response to her new song, people have speculated that this whole new Taylor Swift is just a publicity stunt and Andy agrees. Another theory regarding her transformation is that it is also a jab at Kanye West. In 2009, Taylor Swift won a Video Music award, and Kanye West jumped on stage while she was accepting, claiming that Beyonce should have received the victory. The resulting fued continues to this day, and is a likely cause behind her new song. I am probably the biggest Taylor Swift fan at our school – just saying, I’m listening to her music as I’m writing this – but when I first heard her song “Look What You Made Me Do” the beginning and pre-chorus sounded great, but then the chorus came on and I was a bit disappointed. It was definitely not what I was expecting. Taylor is showing this bad girl, edgy vibe, but I think she needs to go back to being herself that is kind, funny, and takes the high road, which I hope some of her other songs on the new album will reflect. I will always stay faithful to Miss Swift, but I am patiently waiting for a song as good as “Shake It off”, “Red”, “Speak Now”, “Fearless”, and “Our Song”. I will leave you with the wise words of my T-Swizzle associate, Andy Goulas, “why?”