One Kick Away: The Scoop on Boys and Girls Soccer


Bradie Harris, Staff Writer

This year at B.F.U.H.S, many teams are going for gold and stretching their limits throughout this fall season. The boys and girls soccer teams, for example, are doing much more than hoping to pull out some wins this season. Practicing from the tail end of summer and almost everyday after school, the two teams have similar goals (literally), to pull out some wins as this season winds down. Through every drill, practice, scrimmage, and game the players have been pushing themselves and each other harder than ever. The boys team has come close, tieing 3-3 against Black River. Although they wanted the win, they walked away smiling. While this may seem as a minimal achievement, the team and many fans are very proud. Mike Mueller, Junior, and number 13 on boys soccer team, told us how far the team has come, “I’m really impressed with our team, half of our starters are freshman, and they’re really good. I’m proud of them.” When asked how the future games will go, Mueller spoke with confidence, “I think we can win, it’s all about playing together. I mean, we’re a young team, and it’s all about chemistry.”

As a general goal, Mueller spoke for the team, saying that although some wins would be nice, the point of the game was to have fun. The boys have bonded this season, and together they have gone from wheezing in preseason to full out endurance in games and practice. Reaching out to fans and anyone wondering about the boys soccer program at B.F.U.H.S, Mike continued to praise the program, although it is only his first year. “It’s a great program, kids are nice and our coach is great. We’ve had some fans always supporting us and they’re the ones we really wanna thank. They make it possible,” Mueller continued adding a note to the public, “We’d really love to see a bigger turnout at our future games though.”

On the girl’s side, the Howler staff had a chance to talk to #16 varsity soccer player, Lila Guerrina. As a Junior, this is Guerrina’s third year being a member of the soccer program. Through this season, the team scored a victory in a scrimmage game against Hinsdale at the beginning of the season, and they are looking forward to pulling off more wins in future games. Guerrina said she sees that her team has a lot of potential and she thinks they have a good chance to win in some upcoming games. She spoke for the team, saying that their ultimate goal was a win. “Everyone is really motivated, like REALLY motivated to get a win. I think this has been the most successful and fun year of my personal high school career.” Lila continued to praise their progress and motivation, especially thanking the Goalies. Like Mueller, Guerrina has an abundance of pride for the freshman on the team. “They definitely have a lot of potential for future years in the program. They are super strong and have so much enthusiasm,” Lila praised. She also gave news of some exciting things coming to the girls soccer program later this year.

“There’s been some controversy, but the final decision has been made…. We are bringing up some eighth grade girls to play. We had to make a decision, bring up the eighth graders to play on a JV team, or get rid of it altogether.” This wasn’t all Guerrina had to say, she, and her team, are also very excited for the addition of some “super cool jackets” that are coming in the near future.

Both boys and girls soccer at B.F.U.H.S are beaming with potential and have a thirst for a win coming up in the near season. Overall, the teams need some support! Head out to the back fields during this Fall season and cheer for the Freshman, Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors that fill the program with purple pride, enthusiasm and an overall sense of friendship and team bonding.