Getting to Know Mr. Bennett


Lucas Allcock, Staff Writer

Mr.Bennett loves teaching and coaching at Bellows Falls Union High School.  He loves working with his wonderful kids that make his day every day, and Mr. Bennett likes helping them when they need help.

Mr. Bennett started teaching woodworking and tech ed and has been teaching at BFUHS for 10 years. He’s been coaching football and track and field for over 20 years. One of Mr. Bennett’s main hobbies is woodworking. He enjoys building things for the school with the help of his students.

In addition to coaching and teaching, Mr Bennett’s interests include travel. He once traveled to Ireland for a class trip. While in Ireland he admired the scenery and architecture. In addition to Ireland, he often travels to Boston. In addition to his other hobbies, he is a very big sports fan. He enjoys professional football, and the Patriots in particular.  He said that he was in the NFL way back about 30 years ago, but he was just joking with the class. He likes telling how he knows people that were on some of the teams.

Mr. Bennett admits that he is not a very technologically inclined teacher, as he sometimes has trouble using computers in his room because of WIFI issues. He considers himself relatively old fashioned. He generally dresses in khakis and plaid collared shirts. He’s very good at multi-tasking, which is a skill that takes a lot of work. He likely improved this skill by teaching and coaching for so many years, and uses it in his daily life and work. During the course of his teaching duties, he goes out of his way to get materials that the students may need. These materials extend from something as simple as glue, to other necessities, like paint, nails, screws and wood. Building sets and props for school plays are also something that Mr. Bennett does to help out the school and the students.

While Mr. Bennett enjoys woodworking, safety and protecting one’s self are important in his classroom, since accidents can happen. Mr. Bennett, therefore, makes sure everyone keeps their safety goggles on and follow safety procedures.

Ultimately, in my opinion Mr. Bennett is a pretty laid back teacher. However, he can be stern when dealing with the dangerous situations of woodworking and having students take it seriously. He’s a very good role model who goes out of his way for the students and to help the school.