Squirrel stampede


Sophie Hyslop, Editor

Click, clack, click, clack, flip flops started down the spiral staircase. As she advanced further down the staircase into the basement, she flaunted her new haircut to her friends, “isn’t it just fabulous?” They decided it was, and they all gossiped about how the hairdresser said Susy from down the street is going through her most recent divorce. Once they were finished, they ate their lunches and went on with daily training.

The next morning was the day they had been waiting for, Halloween. The clinking of the opened enclosure, the clitter clatter of their feet on the cold basement floor, and the vengeance they felt running through their veins was the thrill they waited so long for. First, open the gates, next, sneak through the forest, last, accomplish the mission. Sneaking through the forest was the easy part for their agile little feet, it was the demon that was the hard part.

They crept through his front door while she led them to the dining room table to find him with a shocked look on his face. A stampede of their little paws clattering on the floor, their fluffy tails trailing behind, they rushed towards her demon sitting at the table baring their razor sharp teeth. They engulfed him in a tornado of curly brown grey fur, scratching and biting every inch of him. She sat and watched her plan fall into place and saw the settlement papers fall out of her future. Twirling in her own delusion of riches and luxury she ordered her creatures to bury the bloodied body to the river in the forest.