Ms. Macijeski, New Art Teacher at BFUHS


Lia Clark, Editor

The Howler Staff Welcomes Ms. Macijeski to BFUHS

In late September, a member of the Howler Staff had the pleasure of interviewing new art teacher Anna Macijeski! The following is a paraphrasing of the interview.

Howler: Welcome to the School! Are you excited to be working here?

Ms. Macijeski: Yes! This is my first full-time teaching job. I was in Grad School since 2015 working towards my masters license and I finally got it last spring.

H: How is the school year going so far?

Ms. Macijeski: Good so far. I am impressed with the skill, talent, and motivation in the majority of my classes. There are a couple kids who get rowdy every now and then, but that is to be expected in a High School Art class.

H: What did you do before working here?

Ms. Macijeski: I was in Grad School working to become a teacher, but prior to Grad School I spent 3 years working as a graphic designer for a small-printing company in Montpelier. I got my bachelors degree in Studio Art at the University of Vermont in 2012.

H: Why did you want to become an art teacher?

Ms. Macijeski: Well, I kind of was dissatisfied working in graphic design because I couldn’t do my own art work. It was my family that got me into teaching as both of my parents and my sister are teachers as well. At first I didn’t really want to be a teacher, but then it just felt right to go down this path. I heard the add for this teaching position on the radio and… here I am!

H: What is your favorite type of art to do for yourself?

Ms. Macijeski: I like to do lots of different kinds of art. Right now drawing and painting is my favorite type to do. I also enjoying sketching. My favorite things to draw are animals, especially my cats. For painting I tend to be a little abstract, but I like to paint using natural elements, another favorite subject matter of mine.

H: What is your favorite type of art to teach?

Ms. Macijeski: Street art is definitely my favorite. It is cool and lots of artists are involved in the movement. This one is fun to teach because it something the kids generally get excited about as well.

H: Not all kids might think of taking an art class. Do you have advice why they should?

Ms. Macijeski: I hear a lot of kids say they don’t want to take art because they “can’t draw.” I just have to say to them that drawing takes time. I wasn’t good in high school but worked hard and improved.

H: Do you have any big project ideas for this year?

Ms. Macijeski: I would really like to organize a group of students to propose and paint a mural in the school! My goal would be to “Jazz [the school] up with color.”

Thank you to Ms. Macijeski for taking the time for this interview, and welcome to BFUHS! If anyone is interested in participating in a Photography club during terrier time on fridays, please see Ms. Macijeski in the art room!