Taylor Swift and her “Reputation”

Taylor Swift and her

Olivia Lauricella, Staff Writer

Taylor Swift has released her album Reputation, and I am pleasantly surprised! Her first few singles she had released were kind of disappointing, and none of them are in my top five favorites of the album. I don’t know if Taylor meant to release her worst songs first, or that just happened to be my preference.

The first song on the album is “Ready For It”, which had already been released as a single. This is an alright song, but not a song I would personally play on repeat. The next song on the list is “End Game” featuring Future and Ed Sheeran. This song is empowering, and makes the listener cool; Ed Sheeran’s part in the song is interesting, but “Everything has Changed” – from her album Red – is a much better duet for the pair.  The third song on the album is “I Did Something Bad.” I don’t know what my good friend Taylor Swift did, but I wouldn’t go after her because she will write an electric and powerful song about you. Although, there is a part in this song where it kind of sound like a part from “What does the fox say” because in the song it sounds like “Ratatatatatata.” Overall, I enjoy this song, and I will say and I find it similar to the feel of “Bad Blood” – from her album 1989. The next song on the album is “Don’t Blame Me” which has a gospel feel to it, but again it is loud and powerful.

Track 5 is “Delicate.” I don’t like this song as much as the others because I feel it has too much autotune and includes more talking than singing. The next song is “Look What You Made Me Do”. (See article “Tay Tay’s Cray Cray for a full review of “Look What You Made Me Do”) The seventh song in her album is “So It Goes.” This song doesn’t get good until the chorus, which is okay, but it certainly doesn’t compare to the best song on the album… The next song on the album is “Gorgeous”; I did not like this song at first when I heard it, but the more I listened to it the better it evolved. The lyrics in this song, however, are not very strong.

Track 9 is “Getaway Car.” This song is one of my favorites, and I especially like the chorus. This song is about how one of her relationships was not good in the beginning, so she knew it was not going to last forever – hence the getaway car. The message is similar to “Out of the Woods” – from her album 1989 – as Taylor is just waiting for one of her relationships to end. “King of My Heart” is next, sharing the message of finally falling in love with the right person. At first, the song starts with Taylor singing about how she is good being single – I was surprised at this, and was just like “wow I can relate to a Taylor Swift song”… – but then, she meets someone and falls in love. This song is probably in my top five.

The next song is “Dancing with our Hands Tied.” I like the chorus of this song because it is great to dance to. Track 12 is the most risque song of Taylor Swift’s album, “Dress. This song is in my top five as well, and even though it shows a different side of Taylor, the lyrics are genius. The next song “This is Why we Can’t Have Nice Thing” is probably my favorite, and many of my friends agree. This song is a jab at Kanye West and all the drama of the past few years. Bravo to Taylor Swift because she killed it! Track fourteen is “Call it What You Want.” This song is sort of boring, but still pretty good. It is about how happy Taylor is, so that’s good, but not one of her best songs. The last song is “New Year’s Day.” This song is comforting and one of my favorites that I play on repeat. This would be the song someone would play at their wedding or on New Year’s Day for that matter.

Overall, I am ecstatic about the turnout of Taylor Swift’s album, Reputation.