One Can, Two Can, Who Can? You Can!


Sophie Hyslop, Editor

Bellows Falls Union High School threw their annual holiday food drive in order to help families in need during this holiday season. BFUHS partnered with Our Place food shelter to collect as much food as possible, and, to encourage students to participate, the class that brought in the most items were granted points towards winter carnival, giving them a significant lead on the other competing classes.

Now that the competition has come to a close, the class of 2019 once again holds the food drive victory, bringing in a total of 1,126 non-perishable items. The seniors followed with 806 items, tailed by the sophomores who brought in 776 items, and lastly, the last place competitors, the freshman who tried, but could only gather 494 items. Though the Juniors swept the competition for the third year in a row, (as was expected) students of all grades helped the school’s annual food drive to beat the all time record of 2902 by bringing in a whopping total of 3202 non-perishable goods for those in need this holiday season.

It should be an honor for any Bellows Falls Union High School student to attend such a giving and wholesome community where helping others has become a routine activity. Continue to help our community by participating in the next BFUHS event, the Parks Place Toy Drive, starting November 28 until December 14.