BFUHS Has a New Guidance Counselor

BFUHS Has a New Guidance Counselor

Lucas Allcock, Staff Writer

Mr. Gebo is a new guidance counselor at Bellows Falls Union High School. He is a thirty-three year old Vermont native, and  now resides in Brattleboro. He has been working as a counselor at BFUHS for about 2 months now (54 days). His office can be found near the building’s main entrance. Mr. Gebo works with students both one-on-one, in groups and collaborates with colleagues.

Mr. Gebo went to Johnson State College for his Undergraduate degree in Education and Psychology. He followed it up at Keene State College, in Keene, New Hampshire, for a masters degrees in education and psychology. He chose his majors in college based on the fact that it was: “A nice balance of education, and social work”.

He currently feels that his new job is “Awesome”. Mr. Gebo feels that, “BFUHS is a great school, with great students. It feels like a family here.” His career allows him to assist with the development of students he meets and works with, helping them find career paths or move on to college.

In addition to his work as a guidance counselor, Mr. Gebo also includes personalized lesson plans and work-based learning among his personal projects. I have participated in these learning plans with him. It was a rather unique experience using internet functionality. The most enjoyable aspect of his job, he says, is the direct interaction with students, with whom he always enjoys working. Collaborating with colleges to help students move onto higher education is another fun part of his job.

Mr. Gebo has a life outside of his duties as a Guidance Counselor. He enjoys photography, in addition to kayaking, and traveling. The places he has traveled to include: Maine, and Florida. When he is in Florida, he enjoys snorkeling in natural springs near St. Augustine. Mr. Gebo, is also a triplet (so maybe we can never be sure it’s really him?).

Mr. Gebo is new to his position, but he’s extremely excited to be working at Bellows Falls Union High School. He clearly worked very hard for his position, given his double major in college. It seems he is very passionate about his jobs and hopes to help students succeed in the same ways that he did.