Annual Winter Concert


Olivia Lauricella, Staff Writer

On Thursday December 14 the chorus, concert band, and jazz band performed their pieces in the BFUHS auditorium for a large and excited audience.  The chorus performed first with many peaceful and light songs.  Bradie Harris, clarinetist, accompanied the chorus on “‘Cross The Wide Missouri”, creating a wonderful blend between the voices and the clarinet.  Additionally, classic holiday songs were sung including, “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” performed by Lorilei Jones, “Christmas Time Is Here” performed by Johanna Parker, “Walking In The Air” performed by Shyloh Farmer, and “White Christmas” perform by Grace Thompson. Mrs. Westbrook did a great  job preparing the chorus for this concert, as they finished with a beautiful rendition of “Carol of Bells.”

The concert band was up next and came through with a bang.  The first song was “Trombone King” featuring – as the title implies – the trombone section.  The song “Street Tango” had a pink panther feel to it with solos from Courtney Fredrickson and Bradie Harris.  Up next was “Dream Song for Piano Solo and Band” which stood out from the loud, upbeat sounds of the other songs.  Ethan Lauricella was featured as a senior on the piano.  One audience member said he was “awestruck by the Piano Solo.” The last song had four sections to it with great solos from Emily Bazin, Zoe Schemm, and Emily Wunderle. This piece included humming in certain sections.  Overall, Mr. Pelton chose a great selection of music and his band’s performance was astounding.

Lastly, the jazz ensemble performed three groovy songs.  Each song was swing jazz that made people want to dance, specifically the song “Chameleon”.  Amazing solos were performed in the Jazz band by Alyssa Leonard and Charles Bennett on the saxophone, Ian Wallace on the trombone, Ethan Lauricella on the piano, and Clayton Thompson on the drums.  Mr. Pelton directed the Jazz ensemble as well and did a great job finishing up the night.

Overall, outstanding job to all the talented students at BFUHS who participated in this year’s winter concert.