BFUHS Pi-Rates, Round Three

BFUHS Pi-Rates, Round Three

Lia Clark, Editory

On Thursday, February First, the BFUHS math team traveled to Woodstock for the third meet of their season! Unfortunately, due to sudden illnesses, neither the intermediate or the senior teams had the full amount of six members to compete as a team. Those who did attend, however, were able to compete individually!

The senior members were met with a difficult selection of topics for this round, but went in prepared to do their best. Overall, the group performed well and many are still in the running to place at the end of this season.

Intermediate competitors also were presented with hard topics, and the two that were able to go, worked hard individually, showing other schools that BFUHS never gives up.

With only one meet left, the road ahead is difficult for the mathletes, but they all see victory on the horizon. GO BFUHS MATH TEAM!