Super Bowl Commercial Craze


Olivia Lauricella, Staff Writer

This year’s Super Bowl, held on February 4, was an exciting game between both teams, but the game was not the only thing people were paying attention to, the commercials were another interesting feature of the Super Bowl event.  Here are some of the best Super Bowl commercials of 2018.  First off, was the tide commercial starring David Harbour, who plays Chief Hopper in Stranger Things; this commercial humorously drives home the fact that tide pods are used to clean clothes and not for eating.   

Another popular Super Bowl commercial was the battle between Doritos and Mountain Dew or hot versus cold. This commercial features Morgan Freeman on the Mountain Dew side and Peter Dinklage on the Doritos side, an unlikely pair to say the least.  Additionally, one commercial featuring celebrities includes the Alexa commercial where Alexa lost her voice, featuring chef Gordon Ramsay, actress Rebel Wilson, singer Cardi B., and actor Sir Anthony Hopkins. This commercial used each of the celebrities’ strengths to show Alexa’s capabilities.

Another comedic commercial was the Etrade commercial, which showed the elderly attempting to partake in activities they are much too old to do, such as running in slow motion- without a shirt on- on a beach.   A commercial that poked fun at the vikings team is the Ram trucks commercial which showed the Vikings on the way to the superbowl, and then having to turn around.

A clever ad that took a moment to realize it was an actual ad was the Australian Tourism ad, starring Chris Hemsworth and Danny McBride in a movie like scene.  A utopian commercial that turns into a hectic mess when no chips are found was another fan favorite.

Overall, there were many quality superbowl commercials that ensured the commercial breaks were just as enjoyable as the game.  Check out some of the commercials below!

Tide Add

Doritos vs. Mountain Dew

Alexa C0mmercial

Etrade Commercial

Ram Commercial

Australian Tourism Add

Chip Add