Valentine’s Day/Singles Appreciation Day

Valentine's Day/Singles Appreciation Day

Olivia Lauricella, Staff Writer

Happy Valentine’s Day! Either you are spending money on romantic gestures or moping/celebrating being single. I went out in the hallway of the BFUHS school to ask my fellow students a simple question, “Do your think there should be such thing as a Single’s Day?”  There was a mixture of responses, with five people simply saying yes and others not totally for the idea.  Meagan Kelly pointed out that Valentine’s Day is celebrating St. Valentine and doesn’t think there is a St. Single to celebrate.  Although Single’s Day would be celebrating all the single people of the world, Molly Potter thinks it would just make her upset that she’s single.  I received many vague answers such as, “Sure, I guess, I don’t know,” from Olive Pinette, and “I don’t give a care,” said by Madi Pencek.  Emily Bazin was confused at first of the idea of a Single’s Day, but agreed it would be a good idea because she is “perpetually single and I want to be celebrated.”  Lastly, Kara Lescord didn’t think there should be a Single’s Day, but also doesn’t believe Valentine’s Day should even be a thing. Overall, through my collection of data the majority seemed to not care either way.