The BF Brain Bunch Battles in Burlington


Six students represented BFUHS on Saturday, February 10th, at the annual Vermont State Brain Bee. Lia Clark, Lila Guerrina, Molly Howe, Jaden Luebbert, Zoe Schemm, and Kalvin Wyman traveled with advisor Susan Steiner to the University of Vermont in order to compete against high schoolers throughout Vermont for a chance to attend the 2018 nationwide brain bee competition.

Throughout the school year, the students had been training for the bee, trying to learn as much about brains as they could. The weekend before the official competition, they attended the Brain Bee bootcamp where they were introduced to real human brains and listened to a crash course presentation about what type of information they would be tested on the following Saturday. When competition day came, the BFUHS students left for Burlington at six a.m., and spent a good portion of the bus ride up reviewing their materials.

When they first arrived, the students were given traditional Brain Bee t-shirts to remember the exciting day. Once settled, the first oral round began where each student was tested on thirty questions. After a brief lunch, a professor at the university spoke to the students about the effects of drugs on the brain and two local health care professionals performed skits, asking the audience to identify what disease the characters were suffering from.

Finally, the top eight competitors with the highest scores were revealed for the second oral round to determine the winner. The BFUHS team was ecstatic when they found that one of their very own, Zoe Schemm, was among the top eight! Additionally, this was the first all girls panel in Vermont Brain Bee history. Girl Power! After a long oral round, a winner from Middlebury high school was determined, and the audience was very impressed with the many facts she knew about the brain.

Congratulations to Zoe Schemm and the rest of the BFUHS Brain Team for an excellent performance in the 2018 competition. If you are interested in being involved in this fun activity, speak to Mrs. Steiner in the science department about joining the team next year!