BFUHS Breathtaking Talent Show

Sophie Hyslop, Editor

This years annual talent shows was bound for greatness, as it was a full show with a wide array of acts performed. From comedy to dancing to singing, this years show was extraordinary. With so many acts being performed, it was highly challenging to place a winner because of the uniqueness of each, but after careful consideration the judges reached a verdict.

Coming in fourth place was Charles Bennett who won over the audience with his talented singing and playing of the piano.  Placing third, Lia Clark, Emily Wunderle, Bradie Harris, Ethan Lauricella, and Clay Thompson, performed their own musical interpretation of the song Rewrite the stars by Zac Efron and Zendaya. Clark and Wunderle serenaded the awestruck crowd as Harris, on the flute, Lauricella, on the piano, and Thompson, on the drums completed the act with their melodic tune. Coming in second was Zoe Schemm, who presented the audience with a comedy act which left the crowd gasping for air. This well put together act was a close competitor for first, but this year Ethan Lauricella claimed that title with his classical mashup. This performance being his fourth performance in a BFUHS talent show, earning him his second first place title in a row.