BFUHS 2018 Winter Carnival


Abbe Cravinho, Staff Writer

Students took part in Winter Carnival here at BFUHS, competing head to head with the other classes. The competition started In the beginning of the school year when students were encouraged to help our local food shelf by donating food for the can drive here at the school. On top of giving, the class that brought in the most items, was awarded winter carnival points; the juniors won this competition. Leading up to the big day of winter carnival, each class was encouraged to participate in dress up days where points are given to the class with the most students participating. In the end, the juniors won two of these days, and the freshmen won two. To make things more exciting, another small competition going on was the famous penny wars. As most classes attempted a surprise attack on the morning of winter carnival, trying to fill other classes jars with silver money, the juniors counter attacked, bringing in enough pennies to make their jar total a positive amount, winning the penny wars.

On the big day of competition, the classes each dressed up in their designated color. FIling into their respective areas in the gym, each section looked like a sea of color. The seniors wore black, juniors red, sophomores blue and the freshmen orange. As the events in the gym unfolded, the wins and losses were spread among the four classes, giving each class a chance at the title. Throughout the day, students competed in events, such as limbo, chopped, volleyball, chariot races and ping pong. As the day came to a close, everyone gathered in the auditorium where students could shine on stage in the talent show. Overall, Ethan Lauricella took first place while his classmate Zoe Schemm took second, giving the seniors a boost in points. Ultimately, after a long week of competing, the juniors came in clutch, finally winning their first winter carnival after placing second in the past two years.