Spirit Week


Olivia Lauricella, Staff Writer

Another successful year of Winter Carnival week has come and gone.  Many students participated in the days leading up to Winter Carnival to gain points for their class.  Monday started the week off with sports day. Students either dressed up in jerseys and other clothing items with their favorite sports team on it or wore clothes representing terrier pride.  Juniors won sports day with the most participants. Tuesday was twin day and many people were seeing double. Students did not have to twin within their grade, but it did help their grade if they did twin with someone in their grade.  Surprisingly, the Freshman won twin day. As well as being Valentine’s Day, Wednesday was also America Day. Students were dressed from head to toe in red, white, and blue. The Juniors won America day. Thursday was character day, so students could dress like any character from a book, movie, tv show, etc…  Freshman won character day. Lastly, Friday was color day so each class dressed in their class color. Freshman’s color was orange, Sophomore’s had navy blue, Juniors were red, and Seniors had black. Anyone who went above and beyond during spirit week would get extra points for their class. Overall, many students participated making for a great spirit week.