BFUHS Spring Concert: An Age of Experimentation, Timeless Excellence


Ian Wallace, Columnist

For those attending free BFUHS concerts in the 2017/18 school year, the music has been anything but ordinary.  This year’s combination of extraordinary musicianship, attention to detail, and multiple works of musical experimentation have captivated the audiences.  

Since the Pelton bandwagon formed a half a decade ago, the rapidly expanding BFUHS band has played an array of pieces from marches to symphonies to old American classics.  This year however, after running out of musical genres, Pelton and the BFUHS band have embraced new experiments. Notably in the winter concert, the band performed “In-C”, an arrangement by Terry Riley in which students played repeated strains at their own pace as a medley of notes filled the auditorium.  Most recently at the Spring Concert, the BFUHS band partnered with the Springfield Dance Factory in a production of Peter and the Wolf. In a departure from the traditional nightly concert schedule, the band also performed with the Dance Factory during the school day in front of elementary schoolers at Springfield High School and BFUHS.  The second piece, The Symphonic Gershwin, was part of Mr. Pelton’s preeminent trends; providing challenging works to captivate the same audience year after year, a difficult feat in a high school band.

As the BFUHS band increases in size, so does its talent pool; nowhere does this stand out more than the small, tight-knit BFUHS jazz ensemble.  Featuring soloists from the veterans to rising Freshman stars, the jazz ensemble continues to perfect a growing circulation of popular tunes.

While the level of musicianship is at an all-time high in the 2017/18 school year, the BFUHS band could not have achieved its success without support from viewers like you, the WNESU community.  To witness the progress of the BFUHS band, keep on the lookout for concert postings on Thank you.