Murder At BFUHS

Bradie Harris, Staff Writer

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On the night of April 13th, the gruesome scent of murder was in the air. In the cafeteria of the Bellows Falls Union High School, a company party took place where P.P. Tacket (portrayed by senior Kylie Comstock) fell to the floor – lifeless. The question was this: who was the murderer? Detective Hardy (expertly played by senior Zoe Schemm) was put up to the task. Turning to the audience for help, the night was filled with outrageous accusations, vicious interrogation, and of course, breathtaking laughter.

Many wondered whether could it have been the ex ice-dancing duo, Bobbie and Robbie (played respectively by juniors Emily Wunderle and Bradie Harris) who needed Tacket dead in order to resume their romantic relationship. What about Mr. Monroe (portrayed by junior Noah Fennessy), who laughed maniacally when Tacket fell dead, and continued laughing throughout the night with his tipsey, depressed his wife on his arm? Or perhaps it was Mrs. Monroe herself (played by senior Laurel Salter Dimma) who nursed a drink throughout the party? Or maybe Tacket’s own son, Skippy (portrayed by junior Kim Lawrence) who stood to inherit a fortune, or even his ex-wife (played by junior Angel Bixler).

As the mystery was gradually unravelled and solved that night, it still haunts some teachers and students who saw the preview the morning of. All participants received a round of applause in their final bows, and a handful of the audience members cracked the case. Congratulations and a job well done to the members of the BFUHS drama club and dramatic performance class!

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