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Olivia Lauricella, Staff Writer

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Hi, my name is Olivia Lauricella, and this is why you should join tennis.  This is my second year on tennis and I can honestly say that I didn’t know I could like a sport as much as I like tennis. Here is a disclaimer, we are not worked very hard at all, as I know newcomers are always nervous on not being as fit as everyone else. My freshmen year of tennis I was truly awful.  It took me forever to hit a serve without it going out of bounds. I would always hesitate on my reactions on what to do and did not have a very strong or accurate hit of the tennis ball. Even after all of this, I still enjoyed tennis. Not just the sport, but the team. Everyone on the team is very nice, supportive, and funny. We often have social conversations sharing our stories and discussing other teams and our opinions. Even though tennis is not technically a team sport we still are a pretty tight group. As of right now, unfortunately, the girls tennis team is a bit low on numbers.

I have felt I have grown through my tennis skills just in the past year.  My serves are getting much better, and it is an amazing feeling when you hit a fast serve.  I work hard in sports and have felt that with tennis it has payed off. Also it feels great to be active and it becomes so much nicer when it is warm enough to play outside.  To conclude, I encourage people to join girls tennis next year!

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