“You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown”


Lia Clark, Staff Writer

The Springfield Community Players just recently finished performing a hilarious and heartwarming musical, “You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown.” This special performance featured one of BFUHS very own, Emily Wunderle! Wunderle was the only high schooler in the show. In fact, her part was not in the original script. Impressed by her natural talent and exuberance, new director Parker Eastman wrote in the part of Woodstock the bird for her. Her voice could be heard high above the others in every expertly sung group song and she even came out on the stage dressed as a blanket! Her performance was astounding, as was the rest of the cast. Charlie Brown was perfectly played by Dominic Dibenedetto, Snoopy the dog was hilariously rendered by Ally McGahie,  Linus was played by John Savastinuk, Zac Binney delivered the role of Schroder, Sally was portrayed by Laura Carbonneau, and Morganna Ekkens was Lucy.

The following is the show synopsis from the Springfield Community Players website:

“The musical is a series of vignettes based on the famous Peanuts comic strip. Through the vignettes, we come to know the personalities of all of the characters in the play — all of their quirks, weaknesses, and strengths. The main focus is on Charlie Brown, a little boy full of self doubt, fear, and hope. With the help of his friends he learns to accept his own shortcomings and the humanity in others.”

The audience was non-stop laughing in every performance and received standing ovations as well. Wunderle was ecstatic to have been a part of this production. Wunderle said “It was a fun-filled, nostalgic, and exciting production.”

This was one of Wunderle’s first community theatre performances and “It was good to experience something other than a high school performance. I really enjoyed performing with talented adults.” She also said that she got along well with the cast and enjoyed rehearsals with them.

Great job Emily Wunderle and the cast of “You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown”!