Single at Prom



I asked a stranger to go to prom with me and here’s how, spoiler alert, I still ended up with no date.  It was about a month before prom and I realized I didn’t have a date and couldn’t imagine going to prom with anyone at our school.  I was thinking at this point there was no other option than to go to prom without a date which is not too uncommon, but still there are more people with dates to prom than without.  I have always been kind of a shy girl and would never think of making the first move or anything really spontaneous. I wanted to change this though I was going to ask a complete stranger to prom.

The sophomore class was going on a trip for this sophomore summit in Brattleboro.  I decided my goal was to ask someone there since there would be sophomores from many different schools.  I got to the place and started looking around for someone to ask. I didn’t really see a prime candidate, but as I was standing up some guy waved at me and so I waved back.  I didn’t have much of a plan but my friend wrote “PROM?” on my folder and I held the folder up and the guy asked “are you asking me to prom?” and I said “yes.”

We talked a bit afterwards about how neither of us had a car or could drive and we exchanged contact information.  I wasn’t too interested in him and felt he was very untrustworthy and so I deleted his contact information. I was still proud that I built up the courage to ask a stranger and don’t regret it.

Prom was still fun being single, although I’m sure I would have a lot more fun with a date.  I realized though that I would not want to go to prom with some stranger or someone I don’t really like just go with for the sake of a date.  I think it’s best to go with someone with a fun personality and you’ll know you’ll have a fun time with. I had other friends who didn’t have a date to prom either so I had fun with them.  What I learned about this whole experience is it is important to push yourself out of your comfort zone but also remember to pay attention to the friends around you because they are much more important.