2018-2019: The Most Promising School Year Yet…

2018-2019: The Most Promising School Year Yet...

Lia Clark, Staff Writer

The 2018-2019 school year is shifting into full swing as fall sports teams move successfully through the season, homecoming preparation is underway, and students settle into their everyday routine of misery and boredom.

Curious of how students are handling the start of the school year, one brave young journalist armed with a dangerous question and a record typing rate of 98 wpm, took to the halls and set out to uncover the truth.  The question? “So, we have been in school for about a month now. How are things going so far?”

Alice Salter-Roy (Senior): “I am already getting a severe case of senioritis. I don’t feel like doing any work.  I can’t wait to graduate.”

Abby Broadley (Freshman): “I feel like I’m going to drown in homework. But, I like my teachers… except when they give me homework.”

Mike Mueller (Senior): “It started off rough, but after dropping all of my classes, the workload has become manageable.”

Abbe Cravinho (Senior): “Not bad, a little stressful. I’m not going to college.” [Ed. Note: Oh, you’re going to college . . . yes, you are . . . .]

Anonymous (Super-Senior): “I got suspended, not the best. Good besides that. I mean I got some me time.”

Abijah Palmer-Guest (Sophomore): “It’s going pretty good.”

Sophie Hyslop (Senior): “I think that they are acting like we are a bunch of children by making a bunch of new and unnecessary rules. And I think that certain adults have attitude problems.”

Mr. Aube (Social Studies Teacher): “No comment”

Olivia Lauricella (Junior): “It could be better.”

Logan Comstock (Sophomore): “I think school is fine so far, just a little stressful.”

Ian (Senior): “I wish powerschool was updated more quickly. I’d say that it’s still hard work and I can’t catch senioritis.”

Jess Caputo (Senior): “I wish that senior year didn’t want to make me cry in the shower every day.”

Emma Lawrence (Senior): “Well I haven’t really been here…”

Bradie Harris (Senior): “I think that the school year, thus far, has been interesting, but…”

Ryan Kelly (Junior): “Thumbs up.”

Sydney Basin (Sophomore): “Well… yah…”

Molly Hodsden (Sophomore): **Silence**

Jasmine Boucher (Senior): “I’m ahead of the game, I know where I want to go. Good year so far. Can’t wait to leave.”

Alani (New Senior): “My transfer has been good, I’ve made lots of friends. I take pretty easy classes.”

Emily Wunderle (Senior): “Things are going great, it’s awesome being a senior. I enjoy having the second half of the day basically free and getting to leave. And I’ve got a positive attitude for the rest of the year.”

Overall, things are looking up for the 2018-2019 school year.  A warm and positive attitude can be found in the minds of all BFUHS students … just ask Emily Wunderle.