Welcome Mrs. Kersten

Welcome Mrs. Kersten

Lucas Allcock, Staff Writer

This year BFUHS welcomes Mrs. Rebekah Kersten as the new Title 1 Reading teacher! In order to get to know the new teacher, a member of the Howler staff requested an interview with her — she happily accepted!

Mrs. Kersten attended the University of Vermont, and acquired her Bachelor’s degree in Theater. She then attended graduate school at New England College, where she received her Master’s degree in Literacy and Language Arts.

Mrs. Kersten grew up the youngest of four girls. In her own words, it was “interesting growing up, because it was like I had four moms, instead of just one.” Now, she is married to her husband of fourteen years who is a firefighter and an EMT (Emergency Medical Technician). After growing up in such a supportive environment, she now is the mother of her own two daughters, ages seven and almost three. Her family also has a half-siamese cat. Mrs. Kersten stated that she likes both cats and dogs, but enjoys feline independence, making them easier to care for with her busy schedule… even if her particular cat is very talkative and loud — in a cute way, of course.

Her hobbies are extensive. Mrs. Kersten enjoys outdoor activities, such as kayaking and biking — although, she lacks time to go biking — as well as exercise in general. She is a certified zumba instructor; zumba is like yoga, but also a physical exercise and dance. In addition, she enjoys hobbies that fall in line with her studies. As expected, she is an avid reader, though she has no single favorite book; Mrs. Kersten particularly enjoys Outlander novels, which she is currently reading. Her favorite genre is historical fiction. Furthermore, her creative hobbies include some light creative writing, however, she prefers the role of editor. Aiding others in their writing ties into her role as an English teacher at BFUHS. Inspired by her love for writing, Mrs. Kersten writes letters to her daughters, as a sort of time capsule. As they grow up, they can look back in time, via the letters.

She also enjoys participating in theater productions. The theater connection extends to fellow BFUHS English Teacher, Mrs. Emond. They attended high school together, and Mrs. Emond has attempted to persuade her to join the theater program and help with choreography for Mary Poppins. Miss Kersten has been in many shows, and has even worked professionally as a stage manager and costume designer. She finds it extremely fun.

Mrs. Kersten enjoys working at Bellows Falls High School, although the open concept (lack of walls) “takes some getting used to” — something every newcomer deals with. Other teachers, like Mrs. Wells, have been very cordial, and helped her transition and acclimation.

The BFUHS students look forward to getting to know Mrs. Kersten and are happy to welcome her into the school! Be sure to drop by and say hello to her – in “The Room of Requirement.”