Soil Competition Success


Emily Bazin, Staff Writer

For the past month and a half the BFUHS envirothon team had been working diligently to prepare for the 2018 New Hampshire Soils Competition. After practicing how to determine different types of soil texture, structure, permeability, and more, the members of the team felt prepared for the upcoming competition. Said team, led by resident science teacher to the stars, Mrs. Steiner, traveled a long two hour bus ride deep into the New Hampshire wilderness , in order to show off their stuff. Eight members participated in the competition and were split into two teams. Team A consisted of Lia Clark, Olivia Lauricella, Emily Wunderle, and Bradie Harris. Team B members were Sky Swan, Emma Perkins, Emily Bazin, and Brennan Bickford.

At the competition, the contestants had to analyze different pits and judge the soils within them. Both teams gave an impressive showing and Team A took first place. Additionally, team A member, Lia Clark, took gold in individual scoring. The 2018 New Hampshire Soils competition was an impressive victory for the BFUHS envirothon team – their third victory in a row! – and now the members will start to prepare for the state competition coming up this spring.