BFUHS Mathletes Compete in First Math Meet of the Year


Molly Hodsden, Staff Writer

On October 18th, students on the Intermediate and Senior Math Teams set off to enter their first math meet of the 18-19 season at Hanover (NH) High School. The Intermediate Team had 8 participants and finished in 3rd place. This was a dramatic change compared to last year’s team which lacked enough members for the team competition. Their administrator, Mr. Murphy, was ecstatic about the results. A variety of enthusiastic freshman and sophomores make up the team this year. The members are largely inexperienced, but eager to show off their skills in competition. Olivia Lauricella (Junior) from the Senior Team warned her underclassmen of the challenges which lay ahead, notifying them of how the competition becomes increasingly difficult. Overall, the BF Intermediate Team is off to an extraordinary start.

On the other hand, the Senior Team had an insufficient number to compete as a team, but each participant worked hard to do their best. Despite this, the team is considerably experienced in math meet competitions which is a valuable asset to their success as individual competitors. They are hoping to have enough members to participate in the team competition at the next math meet on December 6th in Lebanon.

Any students interested in joining a math team should contact Mr. Murphy or Ms. Swan.