BFUHS Homecoming: In A Galaxy Far Far Away


Homecoming King and Queen Jackson Maiocco and Lia Clark

Sydney Bazin, Staff Writer

When all the kids raced to get their free homecoming t-shirts, everyone knew what week it was: homecoming week. The buzz and excitement spread around the school like a wildfire, and the anticipation for the homecoming games left everyone patiently waiting for the weekend.

As Friday approached, fall athletes took to the fields in pure excitement. Field hockey and football both took wins in their games, whereas both soccer teams came up with a hardly fought loss.

Sophie Hyslop, member of Homecoming Court

After the craze of the football game finally ended, it was officially homecoming time. “In a galaxy far far away” lined the wall entering the dance, fulfilling the Star Wars theme perfectly. Glow sticks and lights made the atmosphere of the dance acentric, and the music had every person on their feet dancing. When it was time to crown homecoming queen and king, everybody took their final guesses of who would get the sash. Called first for homecoming king was Jackson Maiocco, and Lia Clark followed as homecoming queen. Congratulations!

Weeks later, when asked about their thoughts on the dance, Jack Bador answered, “It was far better than last year.” Another student, Sophie Hyslop, stated, “It was really fun.” One last source, Molly Hodsden, exclaimed, “I thought the theme was kinda cool.” As homecoming weekend came to an end it was all a blur. The excitement from getting our homecoming shirts, to the dance itself, was gone in a flash. Homecoming weekend was all in all a huge success, and as many students replied, “It was the best one yet.”