Holiday Toy Drive 2018

Holiday Toy Drive 2018

Bradie Harris, Staff Writer

This year, the 2018-19 student council hosted a Toy Drive in partnership with Parks Place, a local community building center. In recent years, the annual toy drive has been much less than successful, and last year, the student community broke the school’s record with over 200 items! However, on a more disappointing note, this year, the toy drive dipped down in numbers again. The school pulled through and brought in a total of 88 items- not too bad for the terrier gang!

When student council representatives Molly Kelly and Lia Clark pulled up to the front doors of Parks Place, they were greeted with friendly smiles and helping hands to move the bags of goodies inside.

Reaching out to Bradie Harris, who helped organize the drive, she was reported to that Parks Place was thrilled by the “community building skills and holiday spirit” of the Terriers.

While we may have not broken any records this year, the school community- students and teachers alike- pulled together and made a Charlie Brown inspired Christmas, enforcing the ideas that quality over quantity is still, in fact, an important characteristic come the holiday season.

Together, the BFUHS students allowed for 88 families in need to come together and collect gifts from Parks Place and spread their holiday cheer out into the community.