Spirit Week


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Sydney Bazin, Staff Writer

As Winter carnival 2019 approached, spirit week was in full swing. The whole week was filled with costumes, school spirit, and LOTS of points which contribute to Winter Carnival. The first day was tropical day, which meant dress as a tourist, anything floral, or Hawaiian themed. After Monday was over, the freshmen were beating the seniors in point totals, which never happens. As Tuesday rolled around, twin day did as well. This day many people from every class dressed alike, which gave the seniors an edge over the freshman in point tallies. Wednesday was America day, and some people went all out. Flags, necklaces, facepaint, and red, white, and blue could be found in just about every spot in the school. This day put the sophomores above the freshman, and tied with the seniors for first place. The last day was character day, where kids dressed up as characters from tv shows and movies. Friday is Winter Carnival and the kids are patiently waiting for the day to arrive that they’ve been waiting for the past year.