Prom Primer


Emily Bazin, Staff Writer

As spring approaches, the school year has begun to draw to a close. Spring sports have started and eager juniors and sophomores prepare for SAT’s and to close out quarter 3 and 4 grades. With the end of the year, one event that many look forward to is Prom. This year, prom falls on May 4th, at the Potato Barn, in Walpole, NH. Recently, I have seen many excited posts on instagram of girls in their dresses, and you can feel the excitement through social media. Within the halls of the school however, there seems to be different opinions on the upcoming dance. Often, I hear complaints about the cost of tuxes and tickets and how Prom is a waste of a night. Many of my classmates don’t even want to go to prom because they claim it’s, “dumb,” or “stupid.” Don’t get me wrong, everyone is entitled to an opinion, but I think the pessimistic attitude towards Prom is somewhat undeserved. Actually, I used to be one of the Prom Opposers. I claimed I’d never spend more than $100 on a dress and that the hype for one dance was too large. It wasn’t until this year that I have truly felt excited and engaged for dancing and dressing up. Here’s my mentality behind it: Prom is an event where you can basically be your best self for a night. You can look your best, feel your best, and everyone compliments each other. Prom is not exclusive either, it’s for everyone, it’s a time for anyone to shine. Prom should be about positivity, and if you can push aside the competition for Prom King and Queen, it’s just a night to have fun. So before thinking Prom is a ‘waste’, maybe one should go into it with a different attitude. Take the night to be the best version of yourself, and have fun with it. And Juniors, this is your Prom, so please try to enjoy yourselves. This should be a great, memorable, night, that you should be able to think of when looking back on high school. You can only have fun if you walk in open minded.