Lucas Allcock, Staff Writer

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So the first picture, it has a lot of meaning to me. It shows the table that Vinny sat at every morning talking to me, and all of our other friends. He was always outgoing, a funny guy making jokes every day, and he loved to meet people, a very charismatic young man. He always had my back when I needed him. He also had all of his friends’ backs. He believed in people.

He’s not with us anymore, and it is like the world will never be the same place. He showed everybody respect. He also loved being the class clown. He was a really smart kid that did not show how smart he was all the time, but when he did he was right.

The second picture shows how bright his future was. He was so kind – I remember how we sat, and sold corn together at our first year at K.H. We were family friends for as long as I can look back. I went to a lot of his family reunions. My Dad is best friend’s with his uncle Joe. And as I look back at how Mrs. Fahner was a big supporter of us, she had so much faith in him to be a better him. She always talked about us in the most respectful way. When we made mistakes she would always forgive us. So this shows how people look at him, and Mrs. Fahner was probably one of his biggest supporters. But I would say his Dad is his biggest supporter because he was there for him everyday.

Vinny had so much respect for his Dad; he loved him a lot. Whenever he was with me, or in my party on ps4 he talked very highly of his Dad. His Dad really loved him. When you just look into his Dad’s eyes they would sparkle whenever he looked at Vinny. You could just see how much love he had for that silly, kind, outstanding kid.

Vinny knew how to light up a room. You should see how many kids look up to you Vinny. There are about 30 kids in the auditorium right now. They all really care about you. Well this is where I am going to end my rant. So I send my regards to the Ruggiero family.

“Reality is harsh – you can’t always forget or forgive, but you can strive to be better person.” So when you look back, just remember how he was there for you when you needed him. When the harsh reality hit me, that he was not coming back, it was in the morning, I woke up and went to school. When I was sitting there it just did not feel right. Then I knew why – because he’s no longer with us.

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