The President’s Fate: Impeachment News


Kathleen Dole, Staff Writer

In recent months, President Donald Trump has faced a sea of controversy concerning an alleged attempt he made to obtain damaging information against the Biden family. He has been accused of abusing his power and attempting to seek help from the Ukraine and China.  This action may be illegal, and it has given way to an impeachment inquiry. On Thursday, October 3, 2019 in Washington D.C, the first testimony in the inquiry was held. U.S special envoy to Ukraine Kurt Volker was questioned in private by three committees that he had advised Ukraine leaders on how to handle the situation, further supporting the whistleblower notion and the charges against Trump.

Donald Trump’s reasoning behind his search for aid against the Bidens is his belief that the Bidens have been a source of corruption.  Trump accuses Joe Biden of using his influence as Vice President to obtain his son Hunter a board position with a Ukrainian energy company. The Democrats, on the other hand, believe that Trump misused his powers as President to withhold military aid from Ukraine in exchange for their president conducting an investigation against the Bidens. Without a doubt, the cause of the accusations is the competition between Trump and Biden, who are both running in the 2020 Presidential election.

If the impeachment inquiry is successful, then Donald Trump may become the third U.S president to be impeached.  The inquiry so far has been in favor of the Democratic party concerning the presidential race, as according to CNN, “It’s early, but Trump is trailing Biden by large margins in general election polls in major swing states.” The President’s original attempt to dirty Joe Biden’s campaign has only backfired, giving Biden the advantage.

As the inquiry continues, it remains to be seen whether this process will be one of the few successful impeachment trials in U.S history.