It Chapter 2 – A Movie Review

It Chapter 2 - A Movie Review

Molly Hodsden, Staff Writer

It’s officially spooky season! The release of director Andrés Muschietti’s highly anticipated film, It Chapter 2 has set the tone for horror this fall, and it’s not as frightening as viewers expected. The success of the first film based on Stephen King’s renowned horror novel, It, raised expectations for the sequel, which was then decimated by the poor quality and scare factor of the second chapter. 

The film presented itself as superficial and one could almost say that it tried too hard to live up to high expectations. The demonstration of the novel’s complexity seemed to only scratch the surface of a plot, leaving viewers confused or bored. The majority of individuals who were questioned about the film after their experience did not possess positive reviews or attitudes. Elijah Ghia (Junior) expressed, “It was pretty bad. It overused CGI and had no true sense of horror because it was all building up to nothing. The first one was good, but the second one was garbage. There were a few good parts though.” Similarly, Tylar Stanley (Junior) stated, “It was a terrible movie with way too much CGI and not enough plot.” These harsh reviews negatively impacted those who hadn’t seen the movie yet. Anika Larsen (Junior) explained, “I don’t want to see it because of everybody else’s review of the movie,” and Alyssa Leonard (Junior) decided, “I don’t want to see it because it doesn’t look interesting. It looks like the typical horror movie.” Nonetheless, other viewers possessed primarily neutral attitudes like Emma Graham (Junior), who revealed, “It wasn’t that bad, but it wasn’t scary either. I hadn’t seen the first one, but it was still easy to follow.” All in all, It Chapter 2 was critically received by various audience members.

Admittedly, the movie managed to include a few Easter eggs to improve the movie’s experience. For example, avid readers may have recognized that Stephen King himself cameoed as the store owner of an antique shop. Additionally, the film references the cosmic turtle which plays a significant role in the novel. Both of these additions to the film served as interesting distractions from the movie’s poor presentation of plot.

Overall, the movie was disappointing as a modern horror film and left viewers wanting more, and not in a good way. The storyline left much to be desired, and the poor production of the movie did not depict the original story in the best light. However, modern standards for horror movies can be unrealistic, so perhaps the film never had a chance in the first place.

[Editor’s note: the author included a photo of Pennywise the Clown with this piece, but, the editor thought it was too scary – as are any and all pictures of clowns!]