Movie Review: The Addams Family

Noah Bemis, Staff Writer

Everything in this article is my opinion of 2019 version of  The Addams Family.   I think I went in with too high of expectations, which is never good when going into the movie theater.  I feel as though the director was trying to hard to hip and new age. For example, the grandmother rides up listening to a Snoop Dogg song; although not a bad song it isn’t really the creepy Addams Family vibe. Also the hip hop version of the Addams Family song at the end of the movie just wasn’t Addams Family.

I am in no way saying you should not watch it, but its main target audience is kids, so of course they want it to resonate with them. It had a positive message about it being okay to be different and at the end of the movie everyone is friends. Family is important and you can hide away from the world with them because some people are cruel. Despite my personal disappointment, it was rather funny at points. The New Jersey joke sent me into a laughing fit (no spoilers). My little siblings said they loved it and would watch it again.  I personally would not watch it again because once you watch it once it would not be as funny the second time -especially if you know the jokes. But overall, it was a decent movie to watch once, and if you want a movie to entertain a young child, then this is a good movie.