Help Out Your Community

Thomas Lynch, Staff Writer

Every year the Bellows Falls Union High School has the student council organize a way to get the students to bring in canned goods for “Our Place”. This food drive is for the people who rely on “Our Place”and it helps them out around the holidays. Most of the food is dropped off in the students homerooms, and then they bring them to one teacher:  Justin Aube. Mr. Aube runs the food drive every year, and he with some helpers will bring the food to “Our Place” once the drive is ended. The time frame of this food drop is from October 30th to November 20th. During this time the students should be bringing canned goods and hygiene products. Student council says that for every item that grade will get points for winter carnival. This is an enticing  competition between the students at the high school to have students help support the community. The grade that brings in the most items wins the points for the competition. 

The students tend to bring in a large amount of items when the competition aspect is involved, and that’s why this food drive tends to be very successful. However the student council advises against bringing in items that are not very healthy (junk food), and they need only non-perishable items as well.   

So thank you to BFUHS and its students for all their enthusiasm and energy in this year’s food drive!