Cross Country State Champs!!!

Cross Country State Champs!!!

Stephanie Ager, Staff Writer

L to R: Ashley Bartlett, Shelby Stoodley, Molly Hodsden, Abby Dearborn, Stephanie Ager, Victoria Bassette, Abby Broadley – D-3 XC State Champs !!

After the dust settled, it was no surprise that the Lady Terriers Harriers were able to snatch their second consecutive Division 3 state championship win on October 26, but, it was not an easy win! The Terriers knew they were either going to win, or come in second by a few points; but when another state title was on the line, everyone knew the girls were not going to let that slip away.

When it came down to the logistics, Coach Tim Eno knew how sophomores Abigail Broadley and Stephanie Ager were going to run their races: unless something drastic happened, Broadley was likely to repeat as winner from last year, and Ager would be in the top 5. But it all relied on Victoria Bassette, Abby Dearborn, Ashley Bartlett, Molly Ho

dsden and Shelby Stoodley to run well enough to bring home the gold. All 7 ladies substantially contributed to the team victory over Rice Memorial.

After the race had finished, Eno was talking to captain Molly Hodsden about the race and he acknowledged that at the first mile, BF was losing to Rice. But soon afterwards, the overly eager Rice girls fell back, and the strong and steady Terriers took the lead. The results display that this championship race could have gone either way, but the Terriers were only going to let it go their way.

The girls and boys teams after the state meet!

In the end, Bellows Falls finished with 31 points, with the scoring runners place finishes as follows: 1 (Broadley), 5 (Ager), 14 (Bassette), and 16 (Dearborn); while the defeated Rice Memorial finished with 37 points. The team was a tad shy of qualifying for New Englands, but Broadley and Ager individually qualified to run in that meet on November 9, 2019, which will be held in Manchester, Connecticut where they will be running with a very competitive group of girls from all six New England states.

Looking ahead, it is a strong bet that the girls will contend to be three time champions next year, as they will come back strong with every single lady. As for Rice’s team next year, this defeat no doubt left them heartbroken; their team is losing 3 fast seniors. Even with this being said, the Terriers plan on training  all summer to come back even stronger next season, ready to handle their competition all season long.

Terrier Magic !!

Congratulations girls, you deserve a lot of recognition!

The boys team landed third place at the state championship race, and though it was not what they had hoped for in the best case scenario, they all still ran strong races. Peoples Academy took first with 43 points, Thetford Academy snatched second with 44 points, and Bellows Falls came in third with 56 points. The scoring runners for the Terriers were Tim Salter-Roy (9th), Justice Bassette (12th), Collin Robertson (13th), and Stone Bradbury (22nd). Other members include Gabe Hakimoglu, Jacob Howarth, Logan Comstock, Jared Atkin, and Curtis Turner. This Terrier team will be losing 6 seniors, and 4 boys will be left on the team; they are going to need people to step up and join the team! 

Asked his thoughts on the state meet, Tim Eno responded with, “I felt that both teams ran outstanding races. The girls team showed their tenacity by running a tremendous second half to beat Rice.” Before the state meet, Eno had stated that if the Terriers ran their best races they would both come in the top three. Just leave it to Tim Eno to bring home another state title; he now has 21 and he can expect at least 1 or 2 more from this girls team!