Remake America Great Again?

Remake America Great Again?

Logan DePino, Opinion Submission

Three years ago, the American people cried out in a single voice “We are tired of the establishment. We are tired of Washington politicians selling our jobs. We are tired of how things are run.” Who could blame them? The United States had seen its strong industrial center eroded away as free trade neoliberalism opened its gates and the jobs seemingly flooded away. The American people were frustrated, and whenever there is frustration a demagogue will come  along and make promises. 

This demagogue was none other than the current president Donald Trump. He swooped in and claimed that there was a grand plot against Americans and that he would be the country’s salvation. That he would come in and bring the jobs back. That he would return the economy to greatness. That he would build a wall to stop the illegal immigration and that America, through him, would finally become tough on the rest of the world. America would be first! Millions ate it up and soon Donald Trump found himself sitting in the Oval Office. 

Unfortunately, since he has arrived there he has broken every single promise he vowed to make. Once he rose to power he immediately began slashing regulations. He had stated that he was the supporter of the forgotten man and woman, but then began slashing taxes on the rich.  Under the Tax Cuts and Jobs act of 2017, he would give benefits to corporations and add two trillion dollars to the national debt. So much for fiscal conservatism! The Act also cut taxes for the rich as a whole by 3-4%. He claimed this would create jobs and make our economy great. Well we have to accept that it hasn’t, yes employment is going up, but as a trend started by President Obama. Trumpists will claim that the record employment is a sign the economy is doing well. But as economist Richard Wolf of Democracy At Work says, “If you go to the Doctor to get a checkup and he only takes your temperature and says your fine, you wouldn’t go back to that doctor.” We can’t base the entire economy off of how many jobs we have, we have to study the economy as a whole and as a whole we are not doing great. Tariffs put on by President Trump have bankrupted farmers. Income inequality has reached a 50 year high. President Trump is in a battle with the Fed because he is afraid of a recession, all of this while our small businesses suffer.

Trump has also waged a war against states rights. California worked out negotiations with auto companies to get more efficient pollution standards, generally making these car companies get more money. The Trump administration – in a sign of tyranny – sued California and revoked its right to set its own rules on the climate. This has caused twenty states including California to sue the Trump Administration right back. 

I think it is time for us to realize that Mr. Trump is no principled conservative. Instead, in my opinion, he is a despot, an egocentric selfish fascist, who reigns through pettiness and corruption and is willing to break the law, like when he said he would pardon wall builders if they broke labor laws and zoning laws.

The truth of the matter is is that I supported Trump for President, but, as President he has broken his promises to the people of this country as their wages are generally stagnant and the income inequality just rises. He broke his promise to the farmers to protect them. He broke his promise to keep to conservative ideology as he blatantly violates fiscal conservatism and states rights. And now it is time that we remove this narcissistic despot from office. 

[Editor’s note: this is an opinion piece. The Howler encourages and welcomes all student opinions.]