Halloween: A Temporary Holiday

Molly Hodsden, Staff Writer

Another All Hallow’s Eve has passed us by once again, and I still miss the days when I could walk from door to door receiving candy in costume. Instead, I spent the night in my basement watching a horror movie with my friends. I love watching a horror movie on a spooky night as much as the next girl, but I wonder why trick-or-treating suddenly becomes too childish at a certain point for teenagers. It’s not like we lose interest in candy, and there aren’t any physical or legal restrictions preventing us, but we eventually decide that we’ve outgrown Halloween. We are too old to be seen as adorable, costumed children, and we’re too young to share the responsibilities of an adult. I’m not saying that grown adults should wander around alone dressed like Disney Princesses, but I believe that societal pressures on high schoolers to avoid trick-or-treating are unreasonable.