2019 NFL Wildcard Weekend Predictions

2019 NFL Wildcard Weekend Predictions

Griffin Waryas, Staff Writer

The 2019 NFL season has been an exciting season full of surprises, disappointments, breakout stars, and high powered offenses. It all comes down to this. Twelve teams remain. Only one will be able to hoist the Lombardi. Who will it be? It all starts this weekend.

Bills @ Texans – Saturday, 1/4/19 4:35PM:   Prediction: Texans 21, Bills 17

The Texans have looked great at times this year, defeating teams such as the Patriots. They have also looked awful at times, especially in their blowout loss to the Broncos. However, bottom line, when the game is coming down to the wire Deshaun Watson is who you want behind center leading your team. The Bills have a great defense, but Josh Allen is too raw a talent to win a road playoff game with J.J. Watt chasing him around every play.

Titans @ Patriots – Saturday 1/4/19 8:15PM:  Prediction: Patriots 27, Titans 21

As an avid Patriots fan, this game scares me. Why? Derrick Henry. The Achilles Heel of the Patriots defense all year has been their inability to stop the run. Bottling Henry up will quite possibly be the toughest challenge on the ground that they’ve had to face all year. However, Brady and Belichick should have just enough magic together to pull out a win over Tannehill and the Titans.

Vikings @ Saints – Sunday 1/5/19 1:05PM:  Prediction: Saints 34, Vikings 17

The Vikings are banged up and have had a very inconsistent defense this year. They have beat up on the bad teams and struggled against the good teams. With the exception of a slip up against the Falcons, the Saints have been a dominant force all season. I expect Kirk Cousins to struggle in that atmosphere, and for this one to get out of control early.

Seahawks @ Eagles – Sunday 1/5/19 4:40 PM:  Prediction: Seahawks 28, Eagles 21

There is no doubt Carson Wentz is a great NFL quarterback. However, not only were all of his current receivers not on his team to start the year, they weren’t even in the league. The Eagles simply don’t have the weapons to keep up with Russell Wilson and the Seahawks.

[Ed. note: Great job Griffin – a 2-2 split for your first weekend.]