Unexpected Opportunities


Longest run (12/22/2020)

Stephanie Ager, Staff Writer

Covid has proven to be a difficult time for everyone, especially young student athletes with a drive for competition. Despite the circumstances, many have overcome the obstacles to take advantage of the training block. As a distance runner, I for one have had a significant increase in mileage over the past year. 

Typically during the winter I struggle to find motivation due to the cold and the stress of the second semester. But when quarantine began in March 2020 I showed signs of a positive mindset. When track was cancelled I was devastated, but I took it as an opportunity to begin training for the 2020 cross country season. So even on the days I lacked motivation I would remind myself that I had the chance to do some quality training over the next six months.  

Following the cross country season I was able to increase my mileage even more than I had the previous winter when quarantine began. This winter I feel as though I have changed notably as a runner. Normally during the winter season I am a basketball player, but due to restrictions in my household I was not able to participate. Even though this was highly discouraging, I reminded myself once again that I could take advantage of this training time. This winter I have had many accomplishments such as my highest mileage in a week, longest run, mile personal record, and consistency, which all resulted from committing myself to the sport I love. I have made no space for excuses, only for improvement. 

As I look back on my training log from previous winters, I cannot believe how far I have come. In the winter of 2019 I ran 0-10 miles a week, at the end of the 2020 winter I ran 35-40 miles a week, and now I am currently running 45-60 miles a week. I was able to take something as bad as Covid-19 and turn it into an opportunity to improve myself as a runner.