BFUHS Basketball Runs Despite Covid


Emma Thompson, Staff Writer

Covid has had to cancel many events and set down many restrictions for schools, but our high school successfully pulled off a 2020-2021 basketball season. With staying under restrictions our teams were not able to have spectators at games and or practices, but many people wanted a chance to watch the games; The Bellows Falls community managed to find a solution to the surrounding problem for the teams to be able to have spectators. With fall sports, players could have two family members with tickets come for each player. But, the difficulty increased for winter sports including basketball because of having to be inside a gymnasium which could increase the case of getting infected than outside with fall sports. The administration partnered with Fact TV to present the games to the public. As the season started, Fact TV connected with the teams and streamed games on their Facebook and on cable for people who wanted the chance to see it live. But, if you still want the chance to watch the games you still can; Fact TV made an account on Facebook called “Falls Area Community TV Bellows Falls Area Sports,” where people can look up and still enjoy Bellows Falls basketball games. 

To make it successful this year, the players, coaches, and referees of the games each wore CDC approved masks to keep themselves protected and safe to play without contracting covid. The teams also only played Vermont teams to make sure the virus would not be spread over state lines. BF player Jamison Nystrom told us that “It was different for sure. Here and there it would take away your focus from the game. In basketball if you didn’t have it over your nose, the refs could throw you out of the game. With that [incentive], we were pretty good about it, but still it was tough breathing from time to time. Definitely an experience.” At the end of the season, our athletic director Ian Frauenfelder reported that “boys basketball went 5 and 4, and finished 3rd in division 3; they hosted BFA-Fairfax for the first round of the playoffs and lost. Girls basketball went 3-4, and finished 9th in division 3.” The girls traveled to the playoffs in Otter Valley, where they lost in the first round. BF fans were very proud of everyone’s hard work and play in pulling together to deal with the unusual restrictions, and compete.

Even with guidelines and restrictions making it seem almost impossible for our high school to be able to have a basketball season, we found solutions to problems, able to play safely and be able to view the games safely as well; showing we are Terrier Strong!