Winter Carnival happened! … sort of


Austin Mallan

After much discussion and hard work between the school and the student council, winter carnival has finally happened! But there were a few changes. The first one is the name, because it isn’t winter anymore. So its new name is the Spring Fling– catchy, isn’t it?

Next, some events have been changed and removed in order to accommodate for the times that we are in. Hopefully next year those who haven’t experienced them will do them once again. And finally, the last big change is that the events took place over two days instead of one. Thursday the 27th and Friday the 28th. Now that you know the changes, let’s get into the days and their events. Monday was pajama day, Tuesday was twin day, Wednesday was decades day, Thursday was character day, and Friday was color day, with each class wearing their shirts! Both of the event days, which were Thursday afternoon and Friday (an early release day) saw fierce competition in many categories, and all classes won many events. 

It was Mr. Strothman’s first time doing the counting for the penny wars, which were handily lost by the juniors after multiple 20’s were stuffed in their ¾ full 5 gal carboy (the freshman won–a benefit to being ignored?). Anyway he “doesn’t want to do that again.”  But the sophomores pulled in about $750 out of the deal. 

In the end the seniors won the months-long competition, which senior Bayley Sbardellati said “I’m so glad we finally won it! 

Good luck to all the seniors next year! You have four years of memories of carnival, but the rest of the students are catching up, and sharpening their skills for the year to come.